Garden Dreaming


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Well, I started out the new year with such a bang that I ended up sick in bed!  Turns out nothing fatal, just a bad cold, although I suspect I can get out of making dinner again tonight.  cough cough…. my family have been wonderful and I’ve gotten quite spoiled.

I hope all of you are feeling well and enjoying the growing light of the advancing year.  There is something about the light in January that feels so clear to me.  Although snowflakes are dancing around out there, I know that soon it will be time to go back outside and play in the dirt.  It will be time to call my volunteers and head out to the nature preserve we are in charge of.  And this year, I’ll be picking my butterfly net back up and heading out into the field to collect data once again.  So, cough for now, I tell myself, for soon there will be no time for that!

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4 thoughts on “Garden Dreaming

  1. I absolutely love the colors in this piece. I too already long to dig in the dirt. It has just begun to get really cold, brr. We had a light dusting last night with more on the way tomorrow. Feel better and until then, milk it for all it is worth!

    1. Haha! Yeah, I’m really malingering here! I commented to my daughter today that it always seems that winter actually arrives when mentally, we’re all done with it and ready to move on. Thanks so much for the note!


  2. I get the impression that these colds and flus are really hard this year all over the world. We have been suffering from an epidemic here too, and no sooner to I recover from one illness, than I’m suffering from the next. So far, though, there’ve been some really wonderful days too, this winter.

    1. Me too, just when I was expecting to feel better, aches and fatigue came back!  I thought maybe it was me, that I secretly just wanted to stay holed up under my blanket with a stack of books…


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