Following a Dream


“Reflecting Coot”


This past weekend I had an artist reception at a nice little gallery in Kenosha called Lemon Street Gallery.  I am constantly amazed by the job the people who run this gallery have done, weaving it into the life of the town.  Even before 6pm people were streaming in, and we were packed until closing time. It was wonderful how friendly everyone was.  I have been to several such events, and never have I felt so welcome.  Conversations swirled around, people took their time looking at all the pieces and then stayed to talk~ it was fabulous.

Afterward, it was back into the studio with me to work on the next piece (this one).  How did it happen, that I get to do this?  I am so lucky.  Sometimes I get all worried about things like, oh, I don’t know, making a living.  Making enough.  Somehow though, it always turns out just fine.  I think following a dream is like that.  My part of it is to do the best work I know how to do, and stay tuned in to the Divine who guides my steps.  Which isn’t to say there aren’t dark scary nights when I’m filled with doubts and fear.  It is hard to wait for the next step to become clear.

I found myself thinking, “If I could just sell a painting, I would be so happy.”  And I did, and I was.  Until the thought, “It isn’t enough!  I need more sales!!!”  arrived.  And all of the joy from the reception started to evaporate until I caught myself doing that.  I realized that I could just decide, “I’m happy.  I’m already there.”  When I look around at my life, I am amazed.  I really am.  Who knows where my dream will take me next, but right now it has me surrounded by sketch books and easels, brushes and canvases, a garden and a camera~ suddenly I realize my life looks just like it did in my teen-aged daydreams!  Wow, pretty great.


I hope your dreams are coming true.





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13 thoughts on “Following a Dream

  1. This morning on Facebook, our daughter posted:
    “Having true hope…is not about holding a rosy and unrealistic prospect for the future. It is not: “Just think positive.” Rather, hope is clear-eyed. True hope is seeing a viable route out of the darkness while acknowledging the obstacles that might impede your journey.” – Phyllis Freeman, PhD

    I think you came upon a hopeful and positive attitude that recognizes the things in your life that are important to your happiness. Use those things to move forward.

    Our daughter was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with Lyme disease. It was being confused in its symptoms with other possible illnesses. Thyroid problems run in my family. No one was able to give her solutions to help get better. Finally, a doctor tested for Lyme and saw a positive result.

    She has felt for over four years like pain, confusion, and darkness were taking a toll. Tomorrow she gets results of a spinal tap done two weeks ago to see if it has invaded her brain and spinal cord. If yes, she had four weeks of daily IV antibiotics. She is hopeful of seeing a route out of the darkness. She is eager to move forward.

  2. I’m so glad you are able to follow your dream. I’m so glad you have a dream to follow. I know we’ve talked about it before, but I never really had a solid dream to achieve. Just having a dream and a passion in life is a true gift.

    1. Michelle! It is so good to hear from you! I was thinking of you, actually, when I wrote this post and wondering whether a dream had gotten ahold of you. Your writing is a gift I’ve enjoyed. Thank you for stopping by.

      1. Oh, that’s so nice to hear. I have been stuck in my hermit cave these last few months, but I’m getting myself back out finally to visit my friends again. I am getting a little closer to realizing a purpose maybe, if not quite a dream. I think maybe I should write about that. Hm, I didn’t think that till just now, haha. But I do need to get myself writing again.

  3. Ah Melissa, this post is truly something for me to hold on to and feel deep in my heart and soul. I have a great deal of joy for you. I feel so happy for your success. I understand that thought of is it enough and I want more. Accepting and acknowledging what you have and where you are. It is fabulous. I am living a dream, and yet re-writing it at the same time. I’m having that conversation almost daily with myself, to be in this moment and be happy. Congratulations on following the dream.
    And I like your coot.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I kind of like the red-eyed fellow too 🙂 I love what you said, about living a dream and yet re-writing it as you go. I so delight in following your journey, too. May your heart be whole.

  4. It is always tough to be satisfied for most of us. I had a similar experience when I had an image published in a magazine for the first time. For many years it was my goal…my highest achievement. Once it happened I was no longer happy with just that and wanted a cover. Once that happened I was no longer happy and wanted an article. I think it is good to be happy in what we do but there should always be a further goal so our work grows. And often we have no choice…we just naturally want more.
    That you are able to realize your income from your art and desire is wonderful and something to be proud and pleased in accomplishing. Congratulations.

  5. Thank you very much, Steve, and congratulations to you on your impressive achievements. I agree, that there must be balance between joy in reaching a goal and setting the next. That is what we are here for, I believe, to make the highest, best use of our lives.

  6. Life does seem to be like that, an ever changing balance between moments of doubt and of satisfaction. Most of the time I feel that I am living my dream, but the dream updates itself as I go along – when I was a child I had no idea there would be something as useful as the internet to research and share my family history or that there would be a way to keep a journal on a blog! I’m so happy that your recent artist reception turned out to be such a positive experience for you. Well done!

  7. Thank you, Barbara! It was such fun.
    It is neat how the internet lets us find new ways to express ourselves, isn’t it?
    Your’s was the first blog I found, and your beautiful posts continue to inspire me 🙂

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