Garden Companions

Garden Companions

Don’t you love the word, “companions”?  I suspect that ultimately our experience of the world is meant to be alone, one-on-one with our sense of the sacred.  Still, there is that pull for connection, and most of my happiest moments were in the company of a friend. That amazing rainbow you both spot at the same moment, the shared joke.   Most of my friendships have formed purely by chance, but my son doesn’t do it that way.  When he is in a situation he’ll stay off by himself until he spots someone he thinks would be compatible, and then he moves forward and offers friendship.  He is mindful of his friendships, too, making sure to spend time with each, paying attention, bringing them together and weaving them into a group.  I don’t know how he knew to do that but it inspires me.

Anyway, that is what was on my mind as I painted this little corner of my garden.  There’s the pot that doesn’t have its annual dose of nasturtiums yet.  And the spirea shrub that started out as part of a hedge and for some reason died back to this shadow of itself.  This dying back left a gap that (naturally) I had to fill.  So in went the lamb’s ear because it is fuzzy, and the sedum because I thought it was pretty and the mint because I like how it sprawls late in the season.  And quite by accident, there was an assembly that looked sweet together, I thought.  Like many chance friendships, you should see them now!  All stems and seedheads, all straining away from each other.  And that reminds me of me and my friend D., who is following her dream to live in Florida.  And my other friend who followed her dream to California.  I don’t know yet where my dream will take me.  I always thought it would take me to California, but since the houses I always saw myself living in go for millions, perhaps not.  Anyway, hopefully my friends and I can keep in touch.  And perhaps I’ll be watching, waiting for a new companion to share the journey.

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8 thoughts on “Garden Companions

  1. I like your “accidental” gathering. There’s a pleasing casualness to it that reflects the way so many relationships in life do develop.

    And I couldn’t help thinking of the French word for countryside: campagne. While the word isn’t related to “companion,” I think they fit rather nicely together, evoking images of friends roaming the world together. Too bad the pot and plants have to stay put!

  2. Before I read your post, I clicked the image of your painting, enlarged it, and scanned around to see the part of it. I thought how sumptuous and warm it seemed. It is one of my favorites you have done.

    Then, I read the text. It was easy to see the links between your painting and your thoughts about connections and friendships. I hope you will remain in close contact with your friends. I hope new ones will come along.

    1. Thank you Jim! I have so much fun painting gardens, but I always feel a little guilty because I’m straying from my nature theme. But really, to me a garden is still nature, but with human added. I am so glad you like this one. It’s a favorite of mine, too 🙂

  3. I love the depth, textures, and colors in this painting. I wish I could put together little area like this in the garden. That empty pot is open and ready for the next plant, and so too are you for a new friend.

    My dearest friend moved to Utah many years ago. We keep in touch via Facebook mostly, but oh how miss our walks, talks, having someone with a tissue always ready, and totally understanding, and judging the tears, walking, hiking, shopping and neither one needing to say a word, shopping, having girl food, and sharing an uber rich, diet busting dessert with.

    I think I’m a bit like you. I talk to anyone and everyone. Strangers are friends I just haven’t met yet. My son and daughter are a bit more reserved. Go figure! 🙂

  4. Yes, you are perfectly expressing what I am feeling! It is all well and good to say we will stay in touch, but the stuff you did together can’t be replaced by skype or letters. I loved what you said about me being open and ready for a new friend. Thank you for that lovely thought!

  5. I really do like the combinations of shapes, lines and colors you’ve assembled here, both in your garden and the painting, random though you describe them, Melissa. In many ways, your comparison to relationships is apt.

    It is funny that some people think of their dreams as taking them away, while others, such as myself, dream more of being rooted in a place that has been home. I have very little wanderlust and, should I dream of a place, the location is most often close and familiar…..although occasionally it might be someplace that I have no knowledge of and seems like another world.

    Most of my friends from old times have disappeared from my life, although I do think of many. Just one couple from my college days…45 passed years long ago….still keeps in touch and we see them every few years. I hope you do find some friends, either local or at a distance, with whom you can share more good times and meaningful experiences, Melissa.

  6. Thank you, Steve, both for the comments about my painting and for the encouragement on finding friends. I’m sure they will come~I’m just feeling a little reluctance to move into the necessary empty time, although I know those times are also good.
    I am always struck, when I read your posts, at the strong sense of self and place that comes through. Lucky you to have that, and I hope that one day I will also have that. You inspire hope 🙂

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