Linda’s Bird

Linda's Bird

Some years ago I wanted to learn about plants, since I skipped botany in college. So I signed up for a local flora class over at my local junior college. The class was a delight, taught by a botanist of note in our area. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Linda before~she has been studying the sedges of 3 states (that I know of) and writing excellent guides to them. She moves fast for a botanist, so we have to grab lunches pretty quick, but we’ve been dear friends ever since that class. This painting is for her. I kept it sketchy, to suggest a bird about to flit to the next thing…just like Linda!


23 thoughts on “Linda’s Bird

  1. Gunta says:

    Marvelous. You caught that look that tells you it’s about to take flight!

  2. jane tims says:

    I agree, the expression in body language and eyes is just right

  3. 🙂 A very sprightly little creature. It almost looks like it’s tossing a blue cape over one shoulder as off it goes!

  4. tomwhelan says:

    Really captures that about-to-take-off look. Botany? I should follow suit, I’ve been promising myself a botany class at the New England Wildflower Society for a while.

  5. shoreacres says:

    Cheeky little thing, and very appealing. It reminds me of a titmouse, which always has been one of my favorite birds. I like the peachy tones in the background, too. They complement the blue-ness of the bird very nicely.

  6. It is a tufted blue titmouse. I’m not a birder so the name isn’t important to me, so much.

  7. Very nicely done. Lucky Linda gets to receive a lovely gift.

  8. Titmouse? They’re so cute, but so, so flitty! Yours is adorable on the edge of flight!

  9. Yes 🙂 They sure are cute. Thank you Deborah!

  10. We love when the titmice visit our feeder…not recently though as we take them down when the bears are about. This is such a sweet and lovely painting. Not at all sketchy. 😉

    • Thank you Steve 🙂 Wow! Bears. That just isn’t something that crosses our minds here in Illinois.

      • People around here don’t think about them enough and leave feeders and other food sources out which attracts them. Unfortunately, that leads to unhappy encounters and some bear deaths as a result. Move into bear territory and destroy their habitat then destroy them because you caused them to come looking for food. Very unfair.
        And, speaking of bears…a favorite song. 🙂

      • You’re right~very unfair. They do the same in mountain lion country.
        I wasn’t familiar with the bear song. I think I need that in my studio! 🙂

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