Volo Bog


Over the years I’ve posted quite a few paintings of the bog, and here is my newest one in which we are at the open water eye of the bog. You can see the ring of tamaracks, Larix laricina, just starting to turn golden before dropping their needles. To get to this spot you’ve passed through the shrub zone where such goodies as leatherleaf and calla lily grow.

Sold, but prints available at Fine Art America

From here we turn the bend in the boardwalk to find things like pitcher plant.


I had a lot of fun with that one, going a bit steampunk at the bottom.


Several species of ferns crowd together here, along with arrowhead and a rose pagonia.


And, finally, out to the open marsh that surrounds the bog.


The marsh doesn’t look like this anymore. Changes due to nearby development have altered the water table, and a severe drought allowed emergent plants to close in. It is now almost entirely cattails which saddens me. The bog itself is fairly inaccessible these days as the beloved boardwalk has nearly rotted away and would cost a staggering amount to replace. I was unable to visit the bog at all this past year and I don’t imagine it will be open again any time soon. My hope is that the bog is thriving without us.

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12 thoughts on “Volo Bog

  1. A painting bog tour! Sad that the bog is compromised and inaccessible, but happy to see that a number of the pieces are sold. The bold blues and tamaracks in the first painting are lovely. The calla lily is particularly beautiful. Thanks for posting them all.

  2. That’s a tour de force of a tour through the bog, with a whopping seven painting in one post—and as Tom noted, it’s good that you’ve sold four of those seven. I hadn’t realized the bog has closed in somewhat due to a lack of water and to nearby development, or that the boardwalk is in such a bad state now compared to when we walked on it in 2016. Recently I looked back at my pictures from there and saw I’d made quite a few portraits of those great calla lilies. Regarding the third painting, I take it you’re using steampunk as an approximate synonym of ‘intricacy’ or ‘complexity.’ Whatever the word, it looks good.

    1. Actually, I wasn’t clear. Drought allowed plants to close in, but the bog is now inaccessible in part due to extreme flooding that has since occurred. The rotted boards of the boardwalk were overcome by the high water levels. It is a mess.
      I hope you post more from your trip to Volo~I’d love to see them. Steampunk is a sort of fringe movement in the art world that unites the mechanical world with the natural one, and to me that is how this sort of looked. I’m glad. you like it~it is one of my favorites.

      1. Maybe next year, if I remember, I can do a fifth anniversary post about our visit there. I looked back just now to see what the date was; it turned out to be June 7th. I was surprised to see I did 10 posts about it over the following two months. Quite a fruitful place for both of us.

      2. Yes, it really was. I was surprised to see how many paintings I’ve done from there over the years~I had to rein myself in to just the 7 I posted yesterday.

    1. Hi! Thank you, I’m glad you like them, especially that 4th one. I love to portray the layers of vegetation that gets going around here.

  3. These are so beautiful, Melissa, a virtual walk through the enchanting marsh and bog. I hope the area is thriving, too, in spite of the changes. These paintings will help with your memories.

  4. Thank you, Barbara! When I started taking photos in the early 90’s it still looked much as it did in the 70’s. I had no inkling that things would change, and so quickly. I’m sure glad I’ve got them.

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