A Butterfly Moment

Mourning Cloak on Felled Birch “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” ~Rabindranath Tagore I looked through my records, and it doesn’t appear that I have ever posted this painting so I thought I would this morning. Some years ago we had a remarkably warm December and I went out toContinue reading “A Butterfly Moment”

Silver-Spotted Skipper

Any suggestions for a title? When I was a new grownup, ( ūüôā ) and a new volunteer in the world of prairie restoration, the flowers and creatures I was being introduced to made lasting impressions on me. One pairing that was absolutely iconic to me was silver-spotted skippers flocking to the stand of monardaContinue reading “Silver-Spotted Skipper”

Red-Spotted Purple

With a title like that I bet you were expecting red spots, weren’t you? Well, they are there, but hidden on the underside of this large butterfly’s wings. ¬†I’ll try¬†to photograph one with his wings raised so I can show you how pretty they are. Hopefully you ¬†share my delight in this side of thingsContinue reading “Red-Spotted Purple”

Pearl Crescent

Melissa Blue Fine Art These little butterflies are quite zippy and skittish. I see them fluttering low along the trail and moving restlessly from flower to flower. When I began monitoring, in Peoria, they were quite plentiful but up here they aren’t as numerous. It is interesting how digital photos can see right through layersContinue reading “Pearl Crescent”

Eastern-tailed Blue

Melissa Blue Fine Art I’m partial to these small¬†powdery blue butterflies. I saw this little fellow along the trail at St. Francis Wood in Libertyville. They are similar to spring azures, but much easier to study as they will settle down for you. Azures are very skittish, in my experience, and difficult to sneak upContinue reading “Eastern-tailed Blue”

Spangled Fritillary

Great spangled fritillaries are the cheetahs of the butterfly world~orange streaks of energy flashing past as you walk along. As you can see here, they do stop¬†to fuel up at monarda blossoms, and that gave me my chance for a photograph. Twenty years ago, if you drove for any distance in Illinois your radiator andContinue reading “Spangled Fritillary”

Butterflies and Turtles

“Baltimore Checkerspot and Turtlehead” Click here to visit my website This is my debut with my new smartphone.¬† The Samsung S6 takes amazing photos, but will they translate on the internet?¬† Fingers crossed… Many beautiful moons ago when I got drawn into prairie restoration and butterfly monitoring, I learned of efforts to rescue the BaltimoreContinue reading “Butterflies and Turtles”

Fritillary on Monarda

http://www.melissabluefineartandgardendesign.com There is a group around here that turns up at meetings and events, carrying posters about Monarchs. ¬†They are alarmed, and they want everyone else to be alarmed, too. I’ve been biting my tongue. ¬†My problem with this misty-eyed, poster-waving group is that in focusing on one species they are missing the larger point.Continue reading “Fritillary on Monarda”

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