Silver-Spotted Skipper

Any suggestions for a title? When I was a new grownup, ( ūüôā ) and a new volunteer in the world of prairie restoration, the flowers and creatures I was being introduced to made lasting impressions on me. One pairing that was absolutely iconic to me was silver-spotted skippers flocking to the stand of monardaContinue reading “Silver-Spotted Skipper”

Shimmering Sumac

Melissa Blue Fine Art For several years the Lake County Forest Preserve District has been working to complete a green corridor that would run from Cook County to the south to the Wisconsin border to the north. This summer saw this project completed! An entire series of preserves has been linked together along the DesContinue reading “Shimmering Sumac”

November Shimmer

November Shimmer The air was still, the light was soft and diffuse, the trail beckoned. I haven’t always been a fan of fall but Illinois does it really really well. The ticks and mosquitoes have gone away, mercifully, and the temperatures have moderated. There is a lovely lavender cast to the sky which makes theContinue reading “November Shimmer”

Bogs and Other Murky Things

Pitcher Plant, Volo Bog My daughter and I went to prowl around the Volo Bog again the other day.¬† It was a lovely day, cool enough for us to really slow down and look at stuff.¬† The Pitcher Plants were getting ready to bloom, along with starflowers and a few others.¬† I’m happy toContinue reading “Bogs and Other Murky Things”

Blazing Stars to Racine Art Museum A couple of summers ago the Blazing Stars blazed brightly at Illinois Beach State Park.¬† They made a spectacular show, and I’m so glad I was there to witness it.¬† My soul is happiest when I am able to drink deeply of the beauty I find in one special place, and it has beenContinue reading “Blazing Stars to Racine Art Museum”

Come Fly With Me

Soaring Pelican¬† ¬† ¬† Pelicans have always owned a place in my heart. ¬†Perhaps it is how unlikely they look, or the fact that they hang out in my favorite places. ¬†For all that I love them, though, I never thought of them as graceful until one golden afternoon in Carmel by the Sea.Continue reading “Come Fly With Me”

Watery Memories¬† ¬† Up in the northern reaches of Illinois Beach State Park, near the Wisconsin border, is a network of wetland meadows. ¬†When I found it some 15 years ago, it immediately became one of my favorite places on earth. ¬†Just looking at it I can feel the cool water as my bare feet plungeContinue reading “Watery Memories”

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