Oh, Snap!

Oh Snap!


I’m taking things a little slow this week, fighting a cold. I’ve posted about this turtle before, but I’ve been tweaking her a little, putting more energy into the grass she is moving through. She seems a good emblem for me this week šŸ™‚

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29 thoughts on “Oh, Snap!

  1. She’s beautiful! I don’t know how you tweak it. I’d be terrified I’d screw up the painting. šŸ™‚ I’m so sorry to hear you have a cold. Summer colds are the worst! I’m sending good thoughts, and healing vibes your way. Feel better soon!

  2. I appreciate the healing vibes, Deborah, thanks! I’ve just brewed up some tea and plan to settle in with a nice murder mystery šŸ™‚
    I’m so glad you like my turtle…not everyone can see their beauty.

  3. Such a great image for me, too (while sitting here keeping the foot elevated!) šŸ˜€ Hope you recover sooner than I’m scheduled to do.

  4. Lovely turtle, grass and sky. Interesting perspective – the world one foot above the ground. I hope you feel better soon. You definitely picked a good friend for a slow day :-). I scrolled back in time and found a previous version of the turtle. Great story about canoeing your dad to the train station. It kept me on the edge of my seat and made me laugh a few times.

    1. Ha, I’m glad I made you laugh. It is one of my favorite memories. Thanks, I really wanted to be on turtle -eye terms for this one to emphasize her size and, I don’t know, turtle-ness. šŸ™‚

      1. :-D! I was thinking it would be fun to lie on my belly while taking pictures the other day. But I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty. I’ll have to think of some clothes I don’t mind getting a bit muddy… and then maybe I’ll experience turtleness :-).

  5. Our daughter has neighbors who raise snapping turtles from eggs on their farm. She has taken her two kids 12 and 4 to help them gather up hatchlings and put them into safe places. They love the little guys. They grow up to be huge.

    Nice capture of this one.

  6. I’ve spent a bit of time watching mama snappers lay their eggs over the years. I enjoy the time and have got a few nice images. Yours has a look of determination and purpose…slow and steady wins the race. It’s a lovely painting.
    I hope you are feeling better now, Melissa. I don’t know which is worse…summer or winter colds. Neither is much fun.

  7. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who likes to watch these turtles. I can’t say I’m thrilled to see their ominous snout poking out of the water where I am swimming, but I’ve pretty much stopped swimming šŸ™‚ Thank you, Steve.
    I am feeling quite a bit better. Took it easy and drank lots of echinacea tea.

  8. I have a friend in England who’s had a turtle named Henry for years. It’s quite a process to ready him for his hibernation, and then to bring him safely out of it. They do baby that creature, carrying it back and forth to the grass when it’s still too cold for him to stay outdoors permanently, and fixing him a burrow with straw and such in the house during the winter. I laugh every time I think of having a hibernating turtle under the computer desk.

    Your painting actually looks rather like Henry. You need to take it a little slow, too, until you feel better.

    1. I’m delighted at the image of a hibernating turtle under the computer desk. Reptiles can make surprisingly good pets. I once had a Little Brown Snake in a tank in the kitchen. When I walked in, he would telescope his little head up from the bedding. I’d pick him up and he’d twine himself in my fingers. Companionable.

  9. Do you know the Malvina Reynolds song, “You can’t make a turtle come out./ You can’t make a turtle come out./You can call it and coax it and shake it and shout/but you can’t make a turtle come out, come out/you can’t make a turtle come out.”

    You seem to have gotten it to come out.

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